S.T.A.G. 2.0

S.T.A.G. 2.0
Studio Thornrose

S.T.A.G. 2.0

Studio Thornrose Artisans Gallery
Thursday, July 15, 2021
3 p.m. PST/6 p.m. EST
 Stream the sale from here, Facebook and Instagram
Join us for this year’s S.T.A.G. Event in July!!!

After the excitement and fun of last year’s event… I’ve decided to make my Artisan’s Gallery “booth” virtual again this year via an over-the-top,  “OVER THE RAINBOW”, Oz-themed CINEMATIC EVENT – STAG 2.0! There will be a selection of unpainted goodies and SURPRISES available during this NEW virtual sales REVEAL!

The event will begin streaming on Thursday, July 15th @ 3pm PST/6pm EDT, around the time the in-person Artisan’s Gallery would open in Kentucky. NEW – this year’s STAG event is entirely PRERECORDED!  The event will stream simultaneously, here, on my website, Facebook and Instagram allowing you to watch from your preferred platform! Heres why:

  • It was VERY important to me to make social media platforms, like Facebook, a viewing OPTION and not a MANDATORY form of watching / shopping. Instead, this year’s FILM will launch from my website (link will available soon) but also Facebook/Instagram for those who may choose to chat, check-in and share!
  • A pre-recorded film allows for special effects, costumes, characters and a REALLY fun and silly parody storyline with ACTUAL horses and dogs! I had SO much fun making this and I hope you enjoy watching!
  •  It also allows for a more polished presentation… remember last year when you thought you were on the QVC channel?  Well, this year I hope you feel like you are right back at the cinema! GRAB YOUR POPCORN
  • So many cool pieces I look forward to unveiling… along with my new pony! FUN! FUN! FUN!

How to buy during the event? 

  • All items will be purchased directly through the Studio Thornrose website SHOP.  This will streamline purchases and allow an instant checkout vs waiting for Josie or I to invoice individuals… which took almost 2 WEEKS last year! LOL
  • OPEN ORDERING ITEMS will appear in the shop as soon as the film ends and the credits begin to roll. These OPEN ORDERING ITEMS will be available to order through the weekend ONLY (except the BEHIND THE CURTAIN piece which is available for 1 month). This is a great time to add those limited items to your cart and wait for the LIMITED QUANTITY ITEMS to appear!
  • LIMITED QUANTITY ITEMS will be staggered and posted to the store every 10 minutes to allow an equal opportunity to purchase. The first timer starts when the film ends and the credits roll.
  • Enjoy the film without feeling the desperate time crunch pressure to “comment buy”! Relax, kick back, have some laughs, make notes about items you may want and shop after! Truly, I just want you to have a good time!
  • Your STAG Bidder # will be required to complete ALL purchases so please have it ready. If for some reason you do not have a # or cannot remember it please use 000 and Josie and I will know that this will requires our attention.
  • All items include shipping in the total so feel free to do multiple checkouts / purchases that evening or throughout the weekend ! 

Full schedule of ITEMS 



This year’s giveaway medallion is called, LEMONDROPS! A special piece in the Yellow Brick Road series that CAN’T BE PURCHASED – EVER! Tatu was such a hit last year and I am excited to continue this tradition! Lemondrops is the giveaway/event piece that will only be available to win from the following:

  • #ThornroseTriviaTuesdays – answers & winners announced during the STAG show!
  •  #ThornroseWearItWinit – winners announced during the STAG show!
  • Random name drawings from STAG registered bidders throughout the BreyerFest event weekend. 
  • Possible giveaways throughout the remainder of the year because why not – I love giving things away!

This year’s incentive piece is called, EMERALD!  This 2″ LOVELY little medallion is included for free with orders that reach $500 or more. Previous purchases such as Cyclone and the 3 previous Yellow Brick Road pieces count towards this total.

Please direct questions to Josie at info@studiothornrose.com