S.T.A.G. 2.0

S.T.A.G. 2.0
Studio Thornrose

S.T.A.G. 2.0

Studio Thornrose Artisans Gallery
Thursday, July 15, 2021
3 p.m. PST/6 p.m. EST
Join us for this year’s S.T.A.G. Live Event in July!!!

After the excitement and fun of last year’s livestream…

I’ve decided to make my Artisan’s Gallery “booth” virtual again this year via an “OVER THE RAINBOW”, Oz-themed LIVE EVENT – STAG 2.0! There will be a selection of unpainted goodies, swag, and SURPRISES available during this new live virtual sale!

I plan to go live on Thursday, July 15th @ 3pm PST/6pm EDT, around the time the in-person Artisan’s Gallery would open. Only here will you have the chance to purchase some special items I’ve been working on! This year’s “Virtual Booth” will feature some all new items not yet seen… just like last year only BIGGER and BETTER! So many cool pieces I look forward to unveiling over the coming months and some that will ONLY be revealed during the Live event! (Livestream platform still being determined… stay tuned)

Be on the look out for some previews of these new pieces in the coming months! I’m so excited for you to see this particular batch of creations! All kinds and sizes, and a broad price range that leaves something for everyone! There will be trivia and GIVEAWAYS throughout the event, too! FUN! FUN! FUN!

Benefits of purchasing during the Live Sale?

  • STAG Exclusive Reveals! Be the first to see some new limited pieces.
  • STAG Exclusive pieces – pieces only available during the sale!
  • STAG Exclusive Giveaways & Trivia!
  • Community! Interacting and coming together for a fun time during this time of forced isolation.
  • Shopping in sweatpants! One of my fav pastimes…

Here is some information on how I will be running my Live Sale Event! 

PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED! Entering is EASY & FREE! Simply fill out the short form below that asks for your name, PayPal address, and USPS shipping address. When completing your Live Bidder Form, simply click the box that says YES if  you would like to purchase the exclusive registration medallion “CYCLONE” and you will be sent a CODE to complete the purchase PRIOR to the event.

Cyclone Medallions pre-purchased by bidders prior to May 15, 2021 will be discounted to a price of $75 per medallion + tax with (US shipping included) and $85 + tax (other int’l shipping included. Price after May 15, 2021 will be $90 per medallion + tax with US shipping and $100 + tax for all other int’l shipping. All Cyclones will be shipped after the STAG event, and included with any of your other purchases.

When you register as a buyer you will be assigned an official BIDDER NUMBER. This number will appear in an automated email in the SUBJECT LINE of the email after you have completed  and submitted the registration form. You will use this number to buy all items during the sale (including the pre-purchased Cyclones) SO PLEASE WRITE IT DOWN!

Full schedule of events available for viewing (subject to change)

This will list each item in order of appearance and how many of each piece will be available. There will be roughly 25-100 pieces available for each release. Any left over items plus a small selection of pieces may be held out to list for sale in my Click-N-Mortar shop through out the weekend. 


I will be doing multiple giveaways during the event. Some will just be randomly drawn from registered bidders (you must be present to win) and others will be given away to the first to correctly answer some trivia questions! What will I give away? A NEW piece that CAN’T BE PURCHASED – EVER! Tatu was such a hit last year and I am excited to continue this tradition! This piece will be a new giveaway/event piece that will only be available to win during the Live sale, event weekend, and possible giveaways throughout the remainder of the year.


I encourage everyone to register early! The smaller, earlier assigned #’s could be faster and easier to type when it comes time to make your to purchase and everything ships out starting with the lowest number.

Please direct questions to Josie at info@studiothornrose.com